Street Yoga Training, 2016

Partner Acrobatics Intensive, 2016

AcroYoga Level 2 Teacher Training Guadalajara, Mexico 2015
Over 100 hours of acrobatic practice/training as well as refining teaching skills.

AcroYoga Level 1 Teacher Training, Guadalajara, Mexico 2013
Over 200 hours of acrobatic practice/training and therapeutics. 

Yoga Teacher Training, Nature Yoga Sanctuary, 2013

Thai Massage and Therapeutics trainings: 

Thai Yoga Bodywork Intensive with Lindsey Britt, 2012
Blue Lotus Thai Healing Arts with Paul Fowler, 2015
Sarahpeutics with Sarah Yovovich and Sarah Vosen, 2015
Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies, 2015

AY Immersions: 
AcroYoga Solar Immersion with Jason and Chelsey Magness, 2012
Elemental Immersion with Chris Loebsack and Justin Caruso, 2013
AcroYoga Solar Immersion with Jason and Chelsey Magness, 2014

Assistant role at AY Immersions:
AcroYoga Elemental Immersion with Katie Capano and Edgar Ortiz, 2014
AcroYoga Elemental Immersion with Deven Sisler and Jean-Jacques Gabriel, 2014
AcroYoga Solar Immersion with Jason Nemer and Arianne Om, 2015
AcroYoga Elemental Immersion with Justin Caruso and Pablo Jaromillo, 2015
AcroYoga Solar Immersion with Jason Nemer, Daniel Raphael, & Juampi, 2016

100+ hours of training and attending workshops in partner acrobatics and AcroYoga/Acrobatics with teachers including:
Aaron Lind
Niko Douwes
Bart and Kirsty Stuart
and more

Festival Teaching Experience
Wanderlust 108, Chicago, 2015
Divine Play AcroYoga Festival, 2015



Paula has been practicing and studying Yoga and AcroYoga since 2009. Each practice continually teaches her about patience and how to be a better person.

She is a Certified Yoga and AcroYoga Level 2 teacher. Paula is a practicing Thai bodyworker and graduated from the Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies program. Paula continues to study yoga, bodywork, and acrobatics as often as she can and is grateful for the teachers that have guided her in her path. She is also the founder of the first Chicago AcroYoga Festival. For a more detailed version of her background see below.



AcroYoga performance with Angelique Nelson at The Shrine in Chicago.